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LiveJournal Userheads

Custom Userheads community

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LiveJournal userheads
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Welcome to the Custom Userheads community!

Here you can:
— post custom userheads based on default LiveJournal userhead
— discuss new and old userheads
— exchange your ideas about userheads with the LJ team
— receive personal userhead only for you (How to)

We do welcome creativity, but please follow these simple guidelines:
— create your userhead images according to these rules
— respect copyrights (do not use logos, corporate trade names or trademarks, product names, brands, etc., do not use faces of real people)

Note that even if you post your userhead in this community, it does not mean that it will immediately become available to users in the LiveJournal Shop. It is the LiveJournal team that will select the best userheads. Winners will be sold in the LiveJournal Shop.

You can download and use default userhead:
We use 17x17px userhead until 2011, but now it 16x16px

Check out our collection of custom userheads and enhance your self-expression.


— Don't forget to use the lj-like button
— If I want a userhead that's unavailable, why aren't they all available in the shop at all times?


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