Yeaka R.C. (yeaka) wrote in lj_userheads,
Yeaka R.C.

New Custom Userheads?

I don't like the userheads in the shop. :( I wish I could just upload my own. I also wish I could speak and read Russian; would make this comm easier...

Anyway, I made these, and I wish I could actually use them. Is there a way to make them available for use, or do I just have to hope I find a contest and LJ picks them to make them available in the shop? Sorry, I'm not 100% how it works. ^^;

userheadAbby userheadAliceinWonderland userheadCarlie userheadCindy userheadDragonGirl userheadDragonGirlClean userheadImogen userheadImogenBow userheadLaura userheadLor userheadMindy
Tags: for girls, new userhead, please create new, question

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