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Happy birthday, lj_userheads!

Dear friends, today is the anniversary of lj_userheads we celebrate 1 year! In this entry we collected some statistics on the results we have reached during this year

How many custom userheads appeared in LJ Shop?

474 unique userheads appeared in LJ Shop during this year - and 161 were drawn by members of this community!

The first to appear in LJ Shop was this one by tai_smoke

Unfortunately, we couldn't find the first userhead that was uploaded to the community. The earliest is this one  первый головастик by tomulechka.

How many userheads (including free) were set by users?

LJ users bought (and took) 37 802 userheads.

7 free userheads were drawn, and they are still available in LJ Shop (though not for free anymore):

 (the most popular free userhead)

Top-5 of the most popular userheads

  1.  by boom_cat
  2.  by fueschgast
  3.  by rina_gu
  4.  by murasaki_ouji
  5.  by orangeju (LiveJournal loves cats!)

Userheads that have been free for a while are not included in this top.

How many personal userheads appeared?

15 personal userheads were drawn and bought by our users. Most of them belong to the most popular russian bloggers.

The most productive member of the community

If you read the community for a while you must have already guessed that it's alldesign4u. He wrote 260 entries during this year! And we didn't dare to count the number of his userheads - some entries contained more than 5 userheads! Congrats to him:)

Who gets to LJ Shop more often?

And the winner is once againalldesign4u — you can now find 43 of his userheads in LJ Shop. This was uploaded the first:  (20 users bought it over the year).

The second is mirmik with his 21 userheads. Others have at least 10 userheads less.

Congratulations to all of you! We are really grateful that you read us and draw your beautiful userheads! We hope that the next year will be even better!
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