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Welcome to lj_userheads

We are glad to meet you in official community dedicated to userheads — small icons shown near lj-username. The standard userhead is bold and dull, so everyone can buy a nice custom userhead in LJ Shop.

In this community we talk about everything connected with userheads. You can create your own userhead or tell us about your ideas no matter how crazy they are — maybe some of the members will realize them. If the LJ Team likes the new userhead, we’ll take it to the LJ Shop and anyone will be able to buy it.

How can I create a userhead?

To begin with, download a standard userhead icon here. After that read about the anatomy of custom userhead (it has some special features) here.

What do I get for my userhead?

It depends. Of course you'll always get your 5 (or more?) minutes of fame in the community: your entry will stay here forever:) And if we take your userhead to the LJ Shop, we'll also give you 200 LJ Tokens and the userhead itself as a present.

I created a userhead! What should I do next?

Write an entry to this community (don't forget to join it first). If LJ Team likes your userhead, we'll take him to LJ Shop and — read the paragraph above.

I have a great idea but I can't draw.

That's OK, just tell us about your idea in the new entry. Our community is rather large, and one of several hundreds of members may create a userhead for you. Even if we don’t place it to the LJ Shop, you can always buy it as a personal userhead.

What is a "personal userhead"?

The personal userhead is unique and will be yours only (it won't appear in LJ Shop). You can find all the details about purchasing personal userhead here.

Useful information

The answer to the question "Why did’t you take my userhead to the LJ Shop?"
How to get some tokens for any userhead.

If you have any questions, please leave them here. But please remember that this is a community about userheads, so we really don’t like to talk about other things.


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