December 18th, 2012

girl swings

Christmas userheads

it's Christmas time, so we want to find new Christmas userheads that will become free till the end of the holidays.

We'd like to start a contest! We are looking for two Christmas userheads: one for boys and one for girls.
We see them as Santa Claus for boys and some pretty winter girl.

Anyone can try making userhead according to these requiremens, jst remember please that it must look as LiveJournal userhead, not just a cute small icon.

We will gather all the ideas in the poll and all the members of the community will vote and find winners. Their authors will get 500 LJ Tokens each.

So leave your userheads in the comments to this entry! You have the time until Wednesday, 7 PM Moscow time.

We are waiting for your ideas!
[[Rin]] Serene

Winter Girl

They asked for a pretty Winter girl and I thought of light blue hair, like snow, and a scarf.

This was my first time making a userhead.  It was fun, but I don't think I'm very good at it. ^^;  I hope someone else makes one for the pretty Winter girl, too! :)