October 30th, 2011

KeepCalm|TotallyAwesome by debris_k

Various userheads

A selections of userheads, some colorizations of existing ones, some original, some done by request-ish. (Most of them are .gif and 17x17 because I started out by working on userheads I'd saved off a members list, and that's the format they came in, some have too big ears, and some I just wish would exist because we gals like us some color in our lj-lives, and red is a perfectly valid hair color. As is blue. Or green. You get the idea. ;-) )
awesome hat awesome hat
awesome hat w/ b&w userhead base awesome hat w/ b&w userhead base
red devil horns red devil horns
red pigtails red pigtails
blue pigtails blue pigtails
long red hair long red hair
lightblue ponytails lightblue ponytails
lightgreen ponytails lightgreen ponytails
lightred ponytails lightred ponytails
purple ponytails purple ponytails
darkred ponytails darkred ponytails
cat ears cat ears*
cat ears with hair cat ears with hair*
long chestnut hair with green shirt long chestnut hair with green shirt**
long chestnut hair long chestnut hair**
chestnut bob chestnut bob***
long dark brown hair long dark brown hair**
long darker brown hair long darker brown hair**

*as seen wanted by a commenter on a prev. post
**as requested by a prev. poster
***as suggested in comments
Sailor Moon

(no subject)

The rules are a bit vague, so I hope I didn't do anything wrong.

Abby (from NCIS)
Sherlock (from Sherlock)
John (from Sherlock)
girl with brown hair (and a tiny little bow - not that you can really see it)
girl with brown buns