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please, please reconsider.

These posts were highly popular, but for some reason or another they weren't added to the store. I beg that these be added, while some of them aren't my cup of tea they appeal to universal tastes and aren't political (or aren't based on real people in politics) in nature like some of our more recent adds.

1. Super heroes + someone made an amazing superman-styled userhead once, but I can't find it! I checked under copyright law and if you use them under the heading "super hero" it slides to the fair use side of things.
2. Matching I love the matching userheads, this set is adorable.
3. Butcher thing. The closest thing we have to "evil" or remotely sinister userheads are the vampire ones and the discontinued zombie. It would be GREAT to see more spooky userheads (again, not political in nature) added to the shop with halloween coming up. I would love to see more of these type and I know I'm not the only one.
4. Ladies only five of the last 32 userheads added to the shop could be considered "female" in nature. Considering the population of LJ vastly sways female, this is super odd to me. These userheads are beautiful and a lot of people (myself included) would love to have them.
5. Book Ladies 2 great userheads inspired by novels! We can have Jon Snow so we can have Dorothy right?
6. Princesses: amazing disney princess userheads, wildly popular, but they would have to be sold under the "princess" title too.
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