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A personal userhead for everyone

Good News Everyone! It is finally possible to buy a personal userhead!
A personal userhead is unique, provided to only one user and unavailable for purchase to anyone else in the LiveJournal Shop. One user can buy as many personal userheads as they like.

A personal userhead costs 5000 LJ Tokens and lasts for 5 years.

The purchase system is more complex than the usual one, but it's better than nothing, right?

How to purchase a personal userhead

1. Write a post in lj_userheads containing the userhead that you wish to buy. Add the tag 'personal' to the post.
The author of the post must be the user who wishes to subsequently buy the userhead.

2. Wait for the moderator's approval of the userhead (igrick, tritankista). The userhead must conform to the rules outlined in the community profile.
A moderator's approval is expressed by a comment to your post of the type "This will do, you can pay for it now".

3. After receiving approval, transfer 5000 LJ Tokens to the user livejournal (this can be done here).

4. The userhead will be installed within 24 hours of the LJ Tokens transfer to livejournal. The personalised userhead will appear on the 'Edit Profile' page.

5. After the userhead appears on the 'Edit Profile' page, it can be applied by clicking on it and then clicking 'Save' at the bottom of the page. The current userhead is denoted by a frame.

Draw and purchase your own unique userheads! Good luck!

Tags: personal, tips, персональный, совет
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